Car Hits Construction Vehicle, Injures 1 in Workplace Accident

When construction companies in Georgia and elsewhere are tasked with performing roadside work, they typically implement signs and indicators informing nearby drivers of upcoming construction work. However, these safety precautions might not always produce the intended results and accidents that occur under similar circumstances can have disastrous outcomes. One person reportedly suffered serious injuries during a recent workplace accident in which a car veered off course and struck a construction vehicle in another state.

Authorities have advised that the incident took place on a recent Wednesday night as a construction worker was using a rear liftgate to perform job-related tasks. The worker had reportedly parked the vehicle on the shoulder of the road to install a sign. As the worker was using the lift, a nearby vehicle drifted onto the shoulder and struck the construction vehicle.

The construction worker reportedly suffered injuries in the accident and was transported to the hospital for treatment shortly thereafter. Police have also advised that the person who caused the collision was subsequently arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Accidents of this nature run the risk of having a devastating impact on the health of a worker and the fallout of such an incident could leave a person facing a variety of hardships in life, physical and financial alike.

Suffering severe harm in a workplace accident can be a devastating experience. Those who encounter such hardship could choose to speak with an experienced attorney for advice in better understanding their legal rights and available options. An attorney can evaluate the incident and assist a client in Georgia in pursuing the full amount of compensation achievable through every applicable source.