This Guy Is A Miracle Worker!!
Arthur Snead is passionate about his work and truly cares about his clients which is hard to find these days. He worked very hard for me and was relentless and determined to help me in my situation. What he did for me will literally CHANGE MY LIFE! He was very caring and professional through the whole thing and genuinely had my best interest at heart. If you need an attorney Arthur Snead is your guy!! I would refer him to anyone with confidence that he will help you the same way he helped me!

So Thankful
You know, I have been giving this review some serious thought. I have come to the conclusion that if I typed it down, it would take too many pages for a review, so here’s this…Arthur is the best damn lawyer I have ever seen. I am thankful to have him as my lawyer, and feel blessed to have been let to make his acquaintance, I feel like he is my friend. People, you can’t buy what he has to offer you if you are in need, we should all be so thankful that he gives it freely his heart is in it, you cannot go wrong here.

Workman’s Compensation
Arthur was very professional and thorough. Arthur did an exceptional job, especially in the courtroom.

Highly Recommended
I was involved in a four-car accident that wasn’t my fault and I am a single mother of two kids. I was working two jobs regularly and one job just PRN. This accident was over a year ago and because I was working at the time of the accident, it was considered workman’s comp. I am very nervous when it comes to getting a lawyer but thank the good lord above I was introduced to Arthur Snead. He helped me every step of the way even when I had lost all hope. Arthur was awesome about answering his phone and if he couldn’t I could text him and either way I got a response. If you are looking for a GREAT attorney, one who will bust his ass for you, one who listens, one who will have YOUR best interest at heart (which I may add is really hard to find these days) and one who will be honest, gives you ALL of your options, VERY professional. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND ARTHUR SNEAD!

Excellent Lawyer
I know God doesn’t make mistakes. I met Mr. Snead through my daughter who drove him via Lyft. She told him about me and my case. I contacted him and he was very helpful. He did everything that he said he would do. He’s very friendly and professional. He made me feel more like family and not just another client.

Mr. Snead Is A Wonderful Lawyer
He is extraordinary with what he does. He is the type of attorney who will sacrifice his percentage just to make sure you’re physically able to return to work. He also has the friend appearance not just business. He is very thorough. And he explains every step.

I was introduced to Arthur Snead through a relative who worked for a law firm in Augusta, Georgia. After explaining my accident to her, she in turn shared my story with her boss. Her boss contacted me, heard my story and then asked if he could give my information to a great lawyer that he knew by the name of Arthur Snead in Atlanta, Georgia. I said yes please. In less than 24 hours I received a call from Mr. Snead, himself. I explained my situation and he offered his services to me. In less than eight months from start to finish Mr. Snead had my case settled with a settlement and without having to ever step into a courtroom. From beginning to end, Mr. Snead never missed a beat. He let me know the pros and cons of the case and always made himself available for any questions or concerns that I had. You got Arthur Snead, not an answering machine!!! Ask yourself what other lawyer makes himself personally available to his clients like that?? I am grateful and very thankful for Arthur Snead helping me out with my case.

Best In The Business!
What an awesome lawyer, he’s the best in the business! Arthur was honest and compassionate about my case. He always communicated on updates and any changes, which put my mind at ease. He truly is a great lawyer and an even better person!

I Would Highly Recommend Arthur To Anyone Needing Legal Counsel!
After the accident occurred, panic quickly set in; mostly due to fear of managing my injuries and time, since I was pregnant with our second child and our first was only 18 months old. There was a lot of pain and agony from surgery and rehab. There was great reassurance knowing that Arthur was handling the case. He showed unparalleled “bedside” manner, provided proactive updates, sound counsel, predictive navigation of the process honed from years of experience and relentless pursuit of justice. He had incredible patience, the upmost professionalism, clear and concise communication and understood the value of time with a busy working family. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal counsel.

Mr. Snead Has Always Been Nothing Short Of Great!
He always keeps you in the loop and will look out for the best interest of his client. It is very apparent that he is very passionate about his job and also truly cares about his client. He was recommended to me from my grandmother and I could not have been any more satisfied! He will always be my first choice to recommend and my first call whenever I need a lawyer!

Workman’s Comp Injury
Mr. Snead is one of the best lawyers. He is so kind; an angel of mercy. When l got hurt on the job, he was there every step of the way. I’m so glad I found him. He got all my doctor’s appointments in and so much more. Thank you, may god bless you.

Arthur Is One Of The Best In Class
He is very involved from start to finish. His brilliant mind for the law and his patience to make sure that his clients understand all avenues make him unique in coming out on top for you. I couldn’t have asked for a more caring individual to represent me during my times of need.

Workers’ Comp. Injury
Realest lawyer in the workers’ comp. game! Very good and trustworthy lawyer.

This Is The Best Law Office I Have Ever Worked With!
Arthur was hands on, consistent in keeping me updated with details, and he simplified information, and took care of my concerns promptly, etc. Thanks to The Law Office of Arthur E. Snead, LLC, I’ve been able to get my family and I back on track after this setback for a second time!

Great Experience With Mr. Arthur Snead
His professional experience was great and done in a timely matter. Great lawyer. Thanks.

Top Lawyer
What an awesome experience. Prompt response and worked out my situation, completely pleased.

Highly Recommended
Mr. Snead handled my case very professionally and kept me informed on all updates on my case until it was closed. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good and professional lawyer.

Workman’s Comp Injury
Mr. Snead was very professional and kept me updated as to the progress of my case.

Worker’s Comp
Arthur was on the same page as me. He worked hard to get me what I deserved. Very understanding of my circumstances and how crucial it was to get a well-deserved settlement check in a timely manner. Arthur worked for me and regularly kept me updated about my case.

Problem Solved
I was in a situation where I couldn’t quite decide what to do, in my case a head injury. I contacted his law firm and he immediately assured me that he would help me get my problem solved. Mr. Snead made sure that he kept me up to date on everything. If there was a moment where I didn’t understand the process, he would take his time to thoroughly explain it as many times as I needed. I am thankful that I met him.

Pure Awesomeness
Overall great firm and an awesome lawyer. Took care of all my needs and communication was top notch.

I Highly Recommend His Services!
I had a case that was not moving. I was getting the runaround from the adjuster and could not get the treatment I needed. I contacted Mr. Snead and all of that changed. He got them to authorize the treatments I needed and arranged a nice settlement to the case. I highly recommend his services!

Hands Down He’s The Best!
To The Law Office of Arthur E. Snead, LLC, I want to say thanks for the hard work that you put into my case. It was more than exceptional. Mr. Snead was very dedicated and punctual with his commitment to settling my case, which was more than acceptable. Hands down he’s the best! I think you’re the best at your line of work!

Great Lawyer With Great Integrity!
Arthur is caring and compassionate but always ready, willing and diligently prepared to fight for your injuries and medical expenses! The results and knowledge you are looking for!

Workers’ Compensation
Wonderful experience. Thanks for everything.

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