Case Results

The case results shown below are not meant to create the expectation that the results achieved in your case will be the same as those of our past clients. Every case is unique, and the facts and circumstances of each case will ultimately determine its value or outcome. That being said, we can assure you that The Law Office of Arthur E. Snead will dedicate all of our resources and experience to achieving the best possible settlement for you and your individual needs. Please contact us to further discuss the details of your specific case during a free, no-obligation consultation with our workers' compensation attorney.

  • $580,000 High-Speed Police Pursuit

    Police initiated a pursuit through a residential area, causing the fleeing suspect to crash into the client, who sustained a severe injury to the left foot and ankle.

  • $500,000 MVA Negligence

    The client sustained injuries to the left arm and left leg after the driver of a commercial motor vehicle negligently drifted lanes, and side-swiped the client’s car.

  • $475,000 Work-related Car Wreck

    While en route to service a client, the employee was involved in a "t-bone" collision, and sustained multiple fractures that required surgical intervention.

  • $405,000 Cross Median Collision

    The at-fault driver negligently crossed a median, causing a head-on collision during which the client sustained severe injuries that required surgical intervention.

  • $375,000 Catwalk Accident

    The employee tripped and fell while working from an industrial catwalk, and sustained an extensive neck injury.

  • $345,000 Chemical Fire

    A chemical plant caught fire, causing the employee to sustain severe burns across the face, chest, arms, and legs.

  • $275,000 Fatal Crush Injury

    While operating the employer’s dump truck, the employee suffered a fatal crush injury.

  • $250,000 Ground Level Fall

    The employee was involved in a ground level fall, sustaining multiple injuries that required surgical intervention.

  • $235,000 Industrial Accident

    A large pipe fell onto the employee, resulting in multiple, comminuted fractures, as well as severe nerve damage.

  • $205,000 Spinal Injuries

    The employee was involved in a work-related motor vehicle accident, sustaining injuries to the cervical and lumbar spine, as well as to the right hand.

  • $195,000 Neck Injury

    A nail gun fell from above, striking the employee and causing an injury to the cervical spine.

  • $175,000 Complex Leg Fracture

    The client suffered a complex leg fracture when a distracted driver suddenly veered into oncoming traffic, causing a head-on collision with the client.

  • $150,000 Traumatic Brain Injury

    The employee tripped over an extension cord while carrying a sheet of plywood, after which the employee fell, struck a curb, and sustained a head injury.

  • $150,000 Workplace Explosion

    The Employee was operating a gas-powered generator when the same exploded, causing a severe injury to the Employee’s left upper-extremity.

  • $135,000 Back Injury

    While lifting a heavy bag of shingles, and loading the same onto a ladder hoist, the employee sustained an injury to the small of the back.

  • $135,000 Lumbar Spine Injury

    The on-call employee, while returning to work, was involved in a rear-end auto collision and sustained injuries to the lumbar spine.

  • $115,000 Fractured Vertebra

    The client sustained a fractured vertebra during a motor vehicle accident with an individual driving on the wrong side of the road.

  • $100,000 T-Bone Collision

    The at-fault driver negligently pulled out into oncoming traffic, causing a "T-bone" collision whereby the client sustained a lower back injury.

  • $95,000 Crushed Foot

    While attempting to set an I-beam, the I-beam fell onto and crushed the employee’s left foot, which resulted in multiple toes being amputated.

  • $90,000 Fall From Ladder

    While on a ladder, and in the process of stocking shelves, the employee lost balance and fell to the ground below, sustaining considerable injuries to the neck, collar bone, and right shoulder.

  • $90,000 Neck & Arm Injuries

    After falling from a utility pole, the employee sustained multiple injuries to the right arm and cervical spine.

  • $85,000 Cervical Spine Injury

    While working at a restaurant, the employee slipped on a piece of food and fell, sustaining an injury to the cervical spine.

  • $80,000 Welding Accident

    During the fabrication of a metal building, the employee fell from the roof and sustained injuries to the area of the lumbar spine and pelvis.

  • $75,000 Forklift Accident

    A pallet containing various automotive parts toppled over, and broke the employee's right hand.

  • $75,000 Cervical Spine Injury

    Slipping and falling in the back of a company work-truck, the employee incurred an injury to the cervical spine.

  • $65,000 Shoulder & Elbow Injuries

    The employee was in the process of picking up and transferring a patient and injured both the right shoulder and the right elbow.

  • $60,000 Broken Ankle

    While working in a warehouse, the employee tripped over construction debris and sustained a broken ankle.

  • $60,000 Broken Foot

    During construction work, the employee stepped on to a piece of unfastened sheet metal on a roof, falling to the ground and sustaining a broken foot.

  • $60,000 Broken Wrist

    The employee was working on the trailer of an 18-wheeler, attempting to tie down a load, when the employee slipped and fell from the trailer, and sustained a broken wrist upon hitting the ground

  • $60,000 Knee Injury

    During an attempt to negotiate a right-hand turn, the client was rear-ended at a high speed and sustained a knee injury.

  • $55,000 Lumbar Spine Injury

    As a concierge in a prominent hotel, the employee suffered a lumbar spine injury upon falling from a defective chair on to the hotel’s marble floor.

  • $50,000 Fracture Tailbone

    The employee was in the process of constructing a residential deck when it suddenly collapsed, causing the employee to fall and sustain a fractured tailbone.

  • $50,000 Lumbar Spine Injury

    The employee incurred a “gradually acquired injury” to the lumbar spine through years of repetitive bending as a motel housekeeper.

  • $50,000 Lumbar Spine Injury

    The client’s lumbar spine was injured when a drunk driver failed to heed stopped traffic and rear-ended the client’s vehicle.

  • $50,000 Trip & Fall

    The employee tripped while descending from a steel catwalk platform, and sustained an injury to the cervical spine upon striking the ground.

  • $40,000 Lumbar Spine Injury

    The client was involved in a minor car accident within a gas station parking lot and incurred an injury to the lumbar spine.

  • $40,000 Knee Injury

    Upon attempting to climb into a company-owned utility truck, the employee misstepped and fell to the asphalt, causing an injury to the right knee.