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Elevator collapses, 3 injured in recent construction accident

When operating at heights, construction workers in Georgia and elsewhere may use various types of equipment to help them reach objectives. When it comes to a construction elevator, if each piece of the apparatus is not properly placed, or if there are any defective parts, the entire structure could be at risk of collapsing. Three workers were injured after an elevator collapsed during a recent construction accident in another state.

The accident took place as the workers were operating at a construction site on a recent Wednesday afternoon. According to reports, the workers were using scaffolding and a construction elevator to perform duties when the elevator suddenly collapsed. All three of the workers were injured in the accident, and while two of them were treated at the scene and released, the other was rushed to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

Repetitive stress injuries threaten office workers

Although offices are not typically associated with hazardous workplace environments, sitting behind a desk and typing on a keyboard or manipulating a mouse for hours on end could cause significant injuries. Repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome have caused many office workers in Georgia pain and long-term health problems. However, this is not the only risk that office environments pose.

Some of the most frequently reported injuries suffered by administrative workers involve falls. Clutter or randomly placed objects, a drawer that was left open, a handbag on the floor and a host of other causes are cited for trip-and-fall injuries. Spills are also common causes of falls, and all it takes is a splash of spilled coffee for someone to slip, fall and hit his or her head against a hard object, or fracture a bone.

A workplace accident can happen in any work environment

Many individuals in Georgia and elsewhere may feel that working in an office setting is a relatively safe professional decision. While office workers might not face some of the potential hazards of a more dangerous field, there are still a variety of scenarios in which these workers might be vulnerable to suffering serious harm. There are a variety of safety tips that may help reduce the odds of an office-related workplace accident, and following these tips could prove vital to preventing a major injury.

Many office workers may sit in the same chair and carry out the same tasks and motions for hours each day, and this alone can take a toll on a person's health over time. However, one may be able to reduce the risk of injury by using ergonomic office chairs and equipment and being mindful of posture and body alignment. Office workers may also find it advisable to take regular scheduled breaks, as this can help them remain alert and aware.

3 injured after roof trusses collapse in construction accident

When lifting objects and materials to the roof of a building, many construction companies in Georgia and elsewhere use cranes and other machines to assist with project needs. After dropping these materials off at the desired location, workers must ensure that they are properly tied down and secured, as falling objects can pose a threat to nearby workers. Three workers were injured after a roof truss collapsed during a recent construction accident in another state.

The incident reportedly took place on a recent Thursday as workers were using a crane to place roof trusses. According to reports, one of the trusses suddenly collapsed, causing a chain-reaction incident that left several trusses toppling to the ground. As many as three workers were injured in the accident, one of whom reportedly suffered a head injury.

These are among the most common reasons for a ladder accident

There are many professions in which you use a ladder to complete a variety of tasks. For example, roofers and painters use ladders all day long, as this equipment makes their job more efficient and safe.

Using a ladder may be indispensable for work, but you should only do so if you're 100 percent dedicated to your safety. There are many common mistakes that can result in a ladder accident, including the following:

  • Failure to maintain three points of contact: You should always have three points of contact on the ladder. Your two options include: one foot and two hands, or two hands and one foot. This helps maintain stability no matter what part of the ladder you're on.
  • Placing the ladder on uneven ground: This is a common mistake when you're in a hurry or not climbing high on a ladder. Uneven ground can cause the ladder to tip, especially as you climb higher.
  • The wrong size ladder for the job: For example, trying to use a portable ladder to reach the top of a one-story building could result in leaning and reaching as you make your way toward the top.
  • Carrying a heavy load: You should never carry a heavy load on a ladder, as it increases the risk of losing your balance. All it takes is a slight lean to the side for the load to pull you off the ladder.
  • Missing the last step when descending: You're almost to the bottom of the ladder and you assume you're safe. However, you misjudge how many steps are left and miss the last one or two. This can cause you to tumble to the ground.

On-the-job car accidents may lead to lengthy recovery periods

A collision can take place at any moment, and the fallout of a crash could leave a person facing a seemingly insurmountable financial hurdle. On-the-job car accidents could prompt prolonged recovery periods that may leave a person facing the possibility of missing out on wages for months, or even years. A police officer in Georgia has recently returned to work after being off for more than a year after he was struck and injured by a drunk driver while on duty.

According to reports, the officer was out on patrol when the incident took place. A drunk driver reportedly lost control and struck his vehicle, causing him to suffer major injuries. He reportedly had to undergo numerous surgeries and months of physical therapy following the crash, and it took more than a year for him to become capable of returning to his job.

Construction accident leaves 1 in critical condition

Suffering serious injuries in an on-the-job accident can be a harrowing experience. The fallout of such an incident could leave a person in Georgia facing a need for long-term or permanent medical care, which can be a substantial financial burden. A man is reportedly in critical condition after he fell more than 50 feet during a recent construction accident in a neighboring state.

The accident reportedly occurred just before 1 p.m. on a recent Monday at a construction site along an interstate bridge. For reasons unknown, the man suddenly fell off the side of the bridge and to the ground below. Although emergency responders say he was still conscious after the fall, he was rushed to a medical facility for treatment of critical injuries.

Many workers at risk of being injured in on-the-job car accidents

Suffering an injury while at work can be a stressful and scary experience. While such an incident can happen under a multitude of scenarios, those who must operate a motor vehicle as part of their job may face unique hazards, especially with an ever-increasing amount of traffic out on Georgia roads every day. Those who suffer injuries in on-the-job car accidents may be eligible to receive financial relief through the workers' compensation insurance system, but they might be uncertain how best to navigate the process.

A recent report of work-related car accidents in another state revealed that companies have paid out as much as $173 million in claims pertaining to similar incidents over the past five years alone. Since the safety and health of workers is a top priority, companies are constantly working on ways to reduce the odds of an accident, such as providing defensive driving training. Since studies suggest that more than 40 percent of on-the-job car accidents involve workers with less than one year of experience, training may be essential.

1 dies after falling into elevator shaft in construction accident

Many construction workers in Georgia and across the nation perform job-related duties from heights every day. While operating several stories above ground, workers are required to wear safety equipment to protect against a fall, as the consequences of falling from even a lesser distance can be catastrophic. A 41-year-old man has died after falling into an elevator shaft during a recent construction accident in another state.

The accident is said to have taken place on a recent Tuesday as the man was working on a housing project at a nine-story building. While operating on the roof of the structure, officials assert that the man suddenly fell into a nearby elevator shaft and was pronounced dead at the scene shortly thereafter. No further details were provided as to the exact manner of his death, as officials are currently awaiting the results of an autopsy.

Nurse safety: Back injuries plague the nursing industry

Nurses often work long hours and can struggle with exhaustion and overexertion. As a nurse, you know that the best thing you can do for yourself is to eat right and get enough rest, but your job doesn't always make it easy.

Unfortunately, when people can't get enough down time, their bodies wear down. They may end up suffering injuries, which is why nursing is one of the jobs that can cause the most workplace injuries. In the health-care industry, nurses have many responsibilities, like providing medications, transferring patients and helping them with other needs during their stay.

Verdicts And Settlements

  • Workers' Compensation & Personal Injury
    Settlement in the amount of $275,000.00

    The Employee sustained a fatal crush injury while operating the Employer’s dump truck.

  • Workers' Compensation & Personal Injury
    Settlement in the amount of $205,000.00

    The Employee was involved in a work-related motor vehicle accident (MVA) and sustained injuries to the cervical and lumbar spine.

  • Personal Injury
    Settlement in the amount of $175,000.00

    The Client was driving down a city street when a distracted driver suddenly veered into oncoming traffic, causing a head-on collision in which the Client's left leg was severely injured.

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