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Worker loses an arm in industrial construction accident

Many construction workers in Georgia and elsewhere use heavy duty machines to assist with operations every day. When operating a machine such as an auger, workers must use caution to avoid being caught up in the machines, as similar incidents can have disastrous results. A 44-year-old man has lost an arm during a recent construction accident in which he got tangled up with an auger drill.

The incident reportedly took place while the man was working at an industrial construction site on a recent Thursday. According to reports, the man was operating an industrial auger when his arm became trapped in the machine and was severed up to his shoulder. Law enforcement agents were able to apply a tourniquet while awaiting the arrival of emergency responders, and he was rushed to a hospital for further treatment shortly thereafter.

Man trapped up to chest in wet soil in construction accident

While wet conditions can have a substantial impact on ground stability, rainy weather might not always keep a construction project from proceeding. Should the ground collapse and trap a worker, wet conditions may only make it more difficult for emergency responders in Georgia to perform a timely rescue. A recent construction accident involving similar conditions has left a 42-year-old man with injuries.

The incident is said to have taken place on a construction site in another state at around 4:30 p.m. on a recent Monday. According to reports, the man was working in a trench when a retaining wall gave way and fell on top of him. Due to wet weather conditions, the man became trapped up to his chest in damp soil. Although he remained conscious throughout the incident, nearby workers reported that he was experiencing trouble breathing.

What are the most common restaurant injuries?

The most common restaurant injuries happen when we don't expect them. An employee goes to work in the morning, and ends up sleeping in the hospital. It could be a crack on the head after a slip-and-fall, a deep cut from a chef's knife, a devastating burn injury or any number of other catastrophic wounds.

Let's take a quick look at the typical kinds of restaurant worker injuries that tend to trigger a workers' compensation claim:

Workplace accident claims life of 24-year-old man

The fear of being pinned to the ground by heavy equipment is a concern that is shared by workers in a variety of fields in Georgia and elsewhere. Incidents of this nature can pose a major threat to a person's health, even if other workers are quick to respond to rescue the individual. A 24-year-old man has died during a recent workplace accident involving similar circumstances.

The accident is said to have taken place at around 3 a.m. on a recent Sunday, as several workers were reportedly performing maintenance on an area of a plant that was shut down. According to reports, they were replacing a lathe blade when the object suddenly came down and pinned a man to the ground. His co-workers say they were able to rescue him from underneath the blade soon thereafter and notify emergency responders that an accident had occurred.

Seeking advice on reducing the odds of workplace accidents

Many companies in Georgia and elsewhere are constantly working on new ways to promote workplace safety and reduce the chances a disastrous incident will occur. While preventing all workplace accidents may be a challenging endeavor, it is also a goal that companies and employees should strive to achieve. Fortunately, there are certain workplace safety tips that may help workers become better informed on how to reduce the odds of a potentially devastating accident.

There are a multitude of professions in which workers must carry heavy materials, and those who operate in these fields may benefit from knowing how to properly lift and move items. Using the correct forms and techniques can be imperative to preventing back injuries. Since fatigue can also pose a threat to safety, workers may find it advisable to ensure they take regularly scheduled breaks.

Man trapped within trench during construction accident

While working on a new housing development project, employees of construction companies in Georgia and elsewhere may find it helpful to be aware of the dangers of unstable ground. A collapse in the surrounding area could leave a worker trapped within a trench, and the nature of the instability could make it challenging for others to rescue the individual. A man in another state was trapped inside a 7-foot deep trench after a dirt wall collapsed during a recent construction accident.

The incident reportedly took place as construction workers were digging a sewer trench while working on a residential project. According to reports, the man was standing inside the trench when a nearby dirt wall suddenly collapsed and pinned him against the opposite wall. Upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders were unable to immediately rescue the man due to the unstable nature of the area.

1 dies in construction accident involving mechanical failure

Many construction companies in Georgia and elsewhere use heavy duty machines to assist with daily operations. These machines may require frequent maintenance to ensure they remain in proper working condition and reduce the odds that a malfunction will occur, as faulty equipment could pose a major threat to workplace safety. Unfortunately, a 55-year-old man has died in a recent construction accident in another state involving an apparent mechanical failure.

Law enforcement agents received reports of the incident at around 2 p.m. on a recent Wednesday. According to reports, the man was using a crane that had been attached to a flatbed truck to perform job-related duties. Initial investigations suggest that some form of mechanical malfunction occurred, subsequently causing the machine to strike and kill the worker.

1 suffers critical injuries in recent construction accident

While construction workers in Georgia and elsewhere may face various hazards on a job site, falling objects remain a major concern for many workers. Sharp or heavy objects can pose a significant threat to a person's safety, and the injuries such an incident could cause might leave a worker facing a long recovery period and extensive medical expenses. Three workers were injured after a tower of rebar collapsed in a recent construction accident in another state.

The incident reportedly occurred on a recent Wednesday morning as the workers were performing job-related duties on the construction site. According to reports, they were standing on a tower of rebar when it suddenly collapsed, subsequently throwing them to the ground below. Following the accident, nearby workers attempted to free the others from underneath the tower while awaiting the arrival of emergency responders.

What are the basic injuries covered under workers' compensation?

Imagine you've been working in the construction industry for the last 20 years. You've increased your career standing considerably and are earning an enviable income, but you recently suffered an unexpected accident after falling from a scaffold.

Now, with a broken leg and fractured spine, your doctor says you won't be able to return to work for months. Without the ability to earn an income, you're worried about how to pay for medical care and make financial ends meet while you're recovering from the injuries.

1 suffers head injury in fall-related workplace accident

Falls from heights are one of the most common hazards that a construction worker in Georgia may face while on the job site. Even a fall from a lesser distance can cause broken bones and joint pain, and the consequences of a fall become greater as the height of a fall increases. A construction worker in another state has suffered a major head injury after he reportedly fell nearly 25 feet in a recent workplace accident.

According to reports, the incident occurred on a recent Monday as the man was removing garbage from the roof of a building. Authorities say the man suddenly tripped and crashed through a nearby skylight and proceeded to fall 25 feet before hitting the ground. Upon arriving at the scene, police advised they had to force their way into the building to rescue the man.

Verdicts And Settlements

  • Workers' Compensation & Personal Injury
    Settlement in the amount of $275,000.00

    The Employee sustained a fatal crush injury while operating the Employer’s dump truck.

  • Workers' Compensation & Personal Injury
    Settlement in the amount of $205,000.00

    The Employee was involved in a work-related motor vehicle accident (MVA) and sustained injuries to the cervical and lumbar spine.

  • Personal Injury
    Settlement in the amount of $115,000.00

    The Client sustained a fractured vertebra during a motor vehicle accident with an individual driving on the wrong side of the road.

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