The Settlement Process

Workers' Compensation Settlements in Georgia

Navigate Workers’ Comp Claims With Confidence

In the state of Georgia, the majority of employees are entitled to receive a settlement if they are injured either in their place of work or while performing their job duties elsewhere, according to the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act (GWCA). Receiving a settlement involves the workers’ compensation claims process, which must be completed within one year of your accident.

The process usually goes one of two ways—either your employer acknowledges your accident and the insurance company agrees to pay you a fair settlement or your claim is called into question and you are forced to prove your credibility through a hearing. An attorney can help you navigate both processes, but in the second scenario legal representation is vital. At The Law Office of Arthur E. Snead, LLC, I help Georgia residents who have been injured at work successfully receive the settlement they deserve.

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What Is a Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

A workers' compensation settlement is the total amount of compensation you receive as a result of your claim. A fair and just settlement should cover all of your injury-related medical expenses, including hospital stays, procedures like surgeries, prescribed medications, and rehabilitation costs.

A workers' compensation settlement in Georgia may also cover a portion of your lost wages if you miss work as a result of your injury.

How to Start a Workers' Compensation Claim in Georgia

In order to ensure you receive the full compensation you deserve, it is important to follow the settlement process exactly—you don’t want to give anyone cause to deny your claim, forcing you to appeal.

Here’s what you have to do to file a workers’ compensation claim in Georgia:

  • Report your injury to your employer in writing within 30 days of the incident
  • Receive the necessary claims paperwork directly from your employer
  • Fill out the paperwork and file your claim (you have one year to do so)
  • Receive an approval or denial notice from the insurer

If the insurer approves your claim, you can choose to accept or deny their settlement offer. If your claim is denied, you can appeal the decision.

Though hiring a lawyer isn’t a requirement, receiving legal guidance significantly increases your chances of filling out the necessary paperwork correctly and convincing the insurance company your claim is legitimate the first time around, especially if your employer is trying to discredit your claim by arguing your accident was not work-related.

If you file a claim that ultimately gets denied, our experienced Macon workers' compensation attorney can help you craft an appeal that will be successful. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Types of Settlements

Workers’ compensation settlements come in two forms in Georgia. The first is a liability settlement. Liability means that the insurance company acknowledges that your workplace was at-fault for the accident and agrees to pay for your injury. Though negotiations may be necessary to decide how much your settlement will pay, your accident and subsequent injury aren’t in question.

The other type of settlement is non-liability. Non-liability settlements are more complicated because this signals that your eligibility for workers’ compensation is in question. This generally occurs because your employer denied that the accident and/or injury never occurred, or that it happened outside of work hours or the scope of the job.

Though hiring a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney is generally encouraged regardless of the type of claim, an attorney is vital in a non-liability settlement case. A lawyer can help you put together the paperwork and produce the evidence required to back up your claim.

Don’t think you have to handle the workers’ compensation claims process on your own. Call The Law Office of Arthur E. Snead, LLC today at (404) 800-1181 and let us help you with the settlement process. The initial consultation is free!

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