1 Transported to Hospital With Injuries After Job-Related Crash

A motor vehicle accident can take place in the blink of an eye, and the outcome of such an incident could carry devastating consequences. Each collision runs the unfortunate chance of leaving a person in Georgia with serious injuries, and in addition to the physical pain and suffering one may experience, the financial ramifications of such an incident may also prove substantial. A Department of Public Works employee was transported to the hospital with injuries after a car struck a street sweeper during a recent job-related crash.

Authorities have advised that the incident took place at around 4 a.m. on a recent Friday. According to reports, the collision took place when the driver of a car ran through a red light and struck the side of a nearby street sweeper. The impact of the crash reportedly forced the street sweeper to roll over onto its side, and the driver of this vehicle was subsequently transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries.

No further information was given as to why the driver who caused the collision failed to adhere to traffic signals or spot the emergency lights on the street sweeper. However, police have advised that this person was taken into custody shortly thereafter. Those who suffer injuries in a similar incident could be left facing a lengthy recovery period and the financial challenges that may accompany an unexpected trip to the hospital could prove difficult to manage.

Individuals who suffer serious injuries in a job-related crash may be eligible for financial relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system. Since navigating this system can be an intimidating experience, a person in Georgia could benefit from seeking guidance from an experienced attorney early in the process. An attorney can examine the client’s situation and assist him or her in pursuing the full amount of restitution achievable through all available outlets.