Common Workers' Comp Issues

Atlanta Workers' Compensation Common Issues

Workers' Compensation Issues in Georgia

Workers’ compensation is based on a compromise: Workers are supposed to receive compensation for their work-related injuries in exchange for waiving the right to sue their employer. Companies are shielded from legal liability in exchange for compensating injured workers.

This is how the program is supposed to work, as spelled out in the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act. Unfortunately, laws and practices have changed in recent decades giving more power to employers and insurance companies at the expense of injured workers.

When Should You Contact a Workers' Comp Lawyer?

If you have been injured and need to file a claim, there are a host of common workers’ compensation issues you may face. Don’t wait until you’ve been denied compensation before contacting an attorney. When you work with The Law Office Of Arthur E. Snead, LLC, I will personally oversee your case from the initial claim through all levels of appeals (if necessary).

To discuss your rights and options with an experienced Atlanta workers' comp lawyer, call me at (404) 800-1181, or fill out the online form.

What Can a Workers' Compensation Attorney Do For You?

A workers' compensation attorney's job is guide you throughout the length of your claim process. They can assist in filing the initial claim as well as fighting for compensation. If you were injured on the job, a lawyer can help you receive the just compensation you need to recover, whether it is medical expenses, lost wages or another qualifying expense.

What Can Go Wrong With Your Workers' Comp Claim

Filing for workers’ compensation in Atlanta can be a frustrating and stressful experience. Many claims are initially denied for reasons as simple as paperwork errors or failure to explicitly follow protocol.

Although such actions are illegal, some workers get fired for filing a claim.

  • Learn more about facing termination or retaliation for seeking workers’ compensation

Others unknowingly give up important rights and protections because of what they say/do (or fail to say/do) when reporting the accident.

Claims can also be denied because of confusion about medical care and treatment requirements. There are strict procedures about which care providers are covered and what kind of treatments are allowed, and most workers are uninformed prior to getting injured.

If the links above don’t address your specific issue, you may find what you’re looking for on the Workers’ Compensation Frequently Asked Questions page.

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