Common Injuries Suffered in On-The-Job Car Accidents

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a stressful and scary process. Unfortunately, a similar incident can take place at any given moment, and the fallout of a collision could leave a person in Georgia with long-term or permanent injuries. Victims of on-the-job car accidents may suffer a variety of injuries, some of which could leave them facing a seemingly insurmountable hurdle of financial ramifications and a lengthy road to recovery.

While there are a multitude of injuries a person can suffer in a collision, some tend to be more prevalent than others. For instance, concussions are one of the most common accident injuries, and the symptoms of a similar injury may take time to manifest. Although some head injuries may lead to little more than short spells with dizziness, others may cause a person to develop issues with concentration or memory loss.

Whiplash is another common accident injury that can leave a person suffering from pain or stiffness in the neck and back. Severe whiplash injuries could also lead to a need for long-term or permanent medical care. Musculoskeletal injuries and bone fractures are also major concerns among accident victims, and these injuries could have a significant impact on one one’s ability to perform everyday tasks.

When facing extensive medical costs and the likelihood of a loss of income, those who suffer serious injuries in on-the-job car accidents may wish to know more about their available options for relief. While a person may be eligible for benefits through the workers’ compensation insurance system, the process can be challenging to navigate alone. Fortunately, there are attorneys in Georgia that can assist a person in pursuing the full amount of compensation available through every applicable source.