1 in Critical Condition Following Construction Accident

Some workers in Georgia may find comfort in performing job-related duties alone, as it might help them stay more focused on the task at hand. However, there are certain risks involved with the absence of another party, as those who suffer an injury while working alone might not always be capable of reaching out for medical aid. A man was almost left alone after he fell three stories down an elevator shaft during a recent construction accident in another state.

According to reports, the incident took place at the site of a local home that was part of a group of buildings that was scheduled to undergo construction. Investigating officials say the man was painting the door of an elevator on the third floor of the building when he suddenly fell into the elevator shaft and proceeded to fall to the first floor. Although the man was working alone at the time, officials say that a co-worker had stopped by to pick up some equipment around the time of the incident.

The co-worker reportedly heard a loud bang and a subsequent scream coming from the building. This person proceeded to notify emergency responders that an accident had taken place. The man who fell was rushed to a medical facility shortly thereafter, where he reportedly remains in critical condition.

Suffering critical injuries in a construction accident can be a catastrophic experience that may leave a person with a need to seek long-term medical care. Those who encounter such an event may find the financial ramifications to be overwhelming, and they might need guidance on where to turn for relief. Fortunately, there are attorneys that can examine the incident and assist a person in Georgia in pursuing compensation through every available source.