Workers’ Compensation: Construction Accident Critically Injures 1

Many construction workers in Georgia may operate with and around heavy machines every day. While these machines might be essential to the job at hand, they can also open up workers to a certain level of risk. Those who suffer serious injuries while at work may be eligible to pursue financial relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system, but they might be uncertain how to navigate the process.

A 49-year-old man has reportedly suffered critical injuries in a recent incident at a construction site in another state. According to reports, the incident occurred as the man was performing job-related duties while standing next to a heavy-duty construction vehicle. For reasons still under investigation, one of the arms on the machine suddenly lowered and crushed the man between its lift and tire tread.

Shortly after the accident took place, the man was airlifted to a medical facility and scheduled to undergo emergency surgery. Officials have advised that an investigation into the accident is underway, and it remains unclear if some form of mechanical malfunction might have been a contributing factor. Accidents involving heavy machinery can be disastrous incidents that could leave a worker with serious injuries and facing a lengthy period of recovery.

With the costs of medical care and the likelihood of having to take time off work, those who suffer serious injuries while on the job may encounter a need for financial relief. When facing a similar situation, a person could choose to pursue relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system, but the process can be complex. Fortunately, there are attorneys that can provide a person in Georgia with assistance in pursuing the full amount of compensation available through every available outlet.