When Delivery Drivers Are Hurt in On-The-Job Traffic Accidents

For some workers, driving is a major part of their work. This is the case for most workers in the field of delivery services. Being a delivery driver has its challenges. For one, such workers can face significant safety challenges during the workday.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, delivery work tends to have high injury/illness rates compared to most occupations.

There are various injury risks delivery drivers can face. Some of these risks come from the fact that such workers generally spend a lot of time out on the roads when performing their job. During this time, such workers could face various hazards that could lead to auto accidents, such as poor road conditions, poor weather conditions, and careless drivers. Auto accidents are a common cause of work injuries for delivery drivers.

Can delivery drivers get workers’ compensation for injuries suffered in car accidents that happened while they were out making deliveries? Unlike crashes that occur during commutes to and from work, accidents that occur in relation to driving done as part of one’s job (such as running delivery routes) generally do qualify for such compensation.

So, delivery drivers with employers typically have workers’ comp rights in connection to auto accidents they suffered while on-the-job. Now, getting everything one deserves under these rights isn’t always easy. Employers or insurers might try to deny or minimize a valid claim. When injured delivery drivers here in Georgia encounter such challenges, they may want a skilled workers’ compensation attorney’s help with the fight for fair benefits.