3 Injured After Roof Trusses Collapse in Construction Accident

When lifting objects and materials to the roof of a building, many construction companies in Georgia and elsewhere use cranes and other machines to assist with project needs. After dropping these materials off at the desired location, workers must ensure that they are properly tied down and secured, as falling objects can pose a threat to nearby workers. Three workers were injured after a roof truss collapsed during a recent construction accident in another state.

The incident reportedly took place on a recent Thursday as workers were using a crane to place roof trusses. According to reports, one of the trusses suddenly collapsed, causing a chain-reaction incident that left several trusses toppling to the ground. As many as three workers were injured in the accident, one of whom reportedly suffered a head injury.

Although all three workers were transported to the hospital, the current condition of each worker was not provided. Officials have advised that an investigation into the accident is underway, which will likely focus on determining what might have caused the collapse to occur. Those who suffer harm in such an incident may be left facing a lengthy period of recovery, and the financial ramifications of such an event could prove devastating.

Following a major construction accident, those who suffer serious harm may wish to know more about their options for financial relief. While a worker may be eligible to pursue aid through the workers’ compensation insurance system, the process can be intimidating and complex. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can evaluate the incident and assist a person in Georgia in pursuing the full amount of compensation achievable.