1 Suffers Critical Injuries in Recent Construction Accident

While construction workers in Georgia and elsewhere may face various hazards on a job site, falling objects remain a major concern for many workers. Sharp or heavy objects can pose a significant threat to a person’s safety, and the injuries such an incident could cause might leave a worker facing a long recovery period and extensive medical expenses. Three workers were injured after a tower of rebar collapsed in a recent construction accident in another state.

The incident reportedly occurred on a recent Wednesday morning as the workers were performing job-related duties on the construction site. According to reports, they were standing on a tower of rebar when it suddenly collapsed, subsequently throwing them to the ground below. Following the accident, nearby workers attempted to free the others from underneath the tower while awaiting the arrival of emergency responders.

All three individuals suffered injuries in the process, and one of the workers was reportedly rushed to a hospital in critical condition. Officials have advised that they will continue to investigate the incident to determine if any safety violations occurred or if the accident could have been prevented. However, they have also advised that each worker was wearing the necessary equipment and attached to the tower in accordance with regulations.

Suffering serious injuries in a construction accident can be devastating, and in addition to the physical pain and suffering involved, such an incident could also lead to financial hardships. Those who suffer harm while at work could be eligible to receive financial aid though the workers’ compensation insurance system, but they might be uncertain of the next steps to take. By consulting with an attorney, a person in Georgia could obtain guidance in pursuing the full amount of compensation achievable through all available outlets.