Man Trapped Within Trench During Construction Accident

While working on a new housing development project, employees of construction companies in Georgia and elsewhere may find it helpful to be aware of the dangers of unstable ground. A collapse in the surrounding area could leave a worker trapped within a trench, and the nature of the instability could make it challenging for others to rescue the individual. A man in another state was trapped inside a 7-foot deep trench after a dirt wall collapsed during a recent construction accident.

The incident reportedly took place as construction workers were digging a sewer trench while working on a residential project. According to reports, the man was standing inside the trench when a nearby dirt wall suddenly collapsed and pinned him against the opposite wall. Upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders were unable to immediately rescue the man due to the unstable nature of the area.

Authorities also advised that a helicopter was standing by to airlift the man to a medical facility for treatment once they were able to free him from the trench. However, no further details were provided as to the outcome of the situation or the nature of the man’s injuries. It also remains unclear what might have caused the dirt wall to collapse.

construction accident involving unstable ground can cause a worker to become trapped for extended periods, and the injuries one could suffer in such an incident can be severe. Those who suffer major harm in job-related incidents may face a variety of hardships following the accident, physical and financial alike. While the physical pain may heal with time, a person in Georgia could benefit from speaking with a workers’ compensation attorney for guidance on the available options to pursue the full amount of financial relief available.