What To Know About Medical Care Requirements

The Law Office Of Arthur E. Snead, LLC, is dedicated to helping injured workers seek the benefits they are entitled to under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act. A big part of getting your claim approved is ensuring that you comply with all requirements and responsibilities.

Below, I’ve provided some helpful information on what to know about medical care requirements.

Choosing Your Treatment Provider From A Panel Of Physicians

If your work-related injuries do not require an immediate trip to the emergency room, you should look for or ask for a list of the company’s panel of physicians. These are medical professionals who have been selected by your employer to treat workplace injuries. If you visit one of these doctors, there will likely be no question about whether the visit will be covered.

Not happy with your chosen physician? You can change to another physician on the panel at a later time. You may also be granted a one-time independent medical examination by a physician not on the list, but this exam may or may not be fully funded by your employer.

The panel of physicians is not ideal, and none of the physicians available may be whom you would have chosen on your own. But until or unless your workers’ compensation attorney advises you otherwise, you should seek medical care that complies with what your employer has authorized.

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Getting Treated

Here are some quick tips for protecting your claim while getting medical treatment for your injuries:

  • Do visit a doctor listed on the panel of physicians.
  • Do attend all medical appointments and physical therapy sessions, even if you don’t think they are helping.
  • Do ask for copies of all your medical records.
  • Do specify at each medical visit that your injury was work-related and occurred on the job. Ask to have this reflected in your medical records.
  • Do take notes on everything that happened and any important things that were said (keep these notes private).
  • Do seek help from your attorney when filing a WC-14 form and other paperwork.

Here are some things to avoid:

  • Don’t exaggerate your injuries or the circumstances surrounding the accident.
  • Don’t discuss unnecessary details about your workers’ compensation claim or frustrations you may have with your employer.
  • Don’t share your personal notes with anyone other than your lawyer.
  • Don’t give official statements to your employer or the insurance company before you consult with your attorney.

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