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Workers' compensation: Man struck and killed by falling objects

Falling objects are a major concern for individuals in Georgia and elsewhere who operate within a variety of professions. Similar incidents can be catastrophic, and in some cases, such an accident may even prove fatal. Those who lose someone close in a fatal workplace accident could be entitled to financial aid through the workers' compensation insurance system. The family of a 53-year-old man could be in search of such relief after he was struck and killed by falling objects during a recent incident in another state.

Can I receive workers' comp benefits if I caused a car crash?

Mistakes happen when we're driving and sometimes the most responsible person can inadvertently cause a vehicle collision. In most cases, when a motorist causes a car crash and it's his or her fault, the at-fault motorist will not be able to seek compensation for the costs related to his or her injuries -- unless those injuries were covered by a no-fault insurance policy. This is different, however, when it comes to someone who gets into a crash while on the job.

Neck and back injuries common among a variety of professions

Suffering a serious injury at work can be devastating, and unfortunately, workplace incidents are far too common. With major concerns such as neck and back injuries, these accidents can leave a person facing an extended period of recovery, and the resulting financial losses can create a variety of hardships. Many workers in Georgia may seek to reduce the odds of an incident by knowing the potential hazards they may encounter while on the job.

Workers' compensation: Construction accident critically injures 1

Many construction workers in Georgia may operate with and around heavy machines every day. While these machines might be essential to the job at hand, they can also open up workers to a certain level of risk. Those who suffer serious injuries while at work may be eligible to pursue financial relief through the workers' compensation insurance system, but they might be uncertain how to navigate the process.

When delivery drivers are hurt in on-the-job traffic accidents

For some workers, driving is a major part of their work. This is the case for most workers in the field of delivery services. Being a delivery driver has its challenges. For one, such workers can face significant safety challenges during the work day.

Verdicts And Settlements

  • Workers' Compensation & Personal Injury
    Settlement in the amount of $275,000.00

    The Employee sustained a fatal crush injury while operating the Employer’s dump truck.

  • Workers' Compensation & Personal Injury
    Settlement in the amount of $205,000.00

    The Employee was involved in a work-related motor vehicle accident (MVA) and sustained injuries to the cervical and lumbar spine.

  • Personal Injury
    Settlement in the amount of $175,000.00

    The Client was driving down a city street when a distracted driver suddenly veered into oncoming traffic, causing a head-on collision in which the Client's left leg was severely injured.

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