Excellent Lawyer
I know God doesn't make mistakes. I met Mr. Snead through my daughter who drove him via Lyft. She told him about me and my case. I contacted him and he was very helpful. He did everything that he said he would do. He's a very friendly and professional. He made me feel more like family and not just another client.

Workman's Compensation
Arthur was very professional and thorough. Arthur did an exceptional job, especially in the courtroom.

Workman's Comp Injury
Mr. Snead was very professional and kept me updated as to the progress of my case.

Mr. Snead Is A Wonderful Lawyer
He is extraordinary with what he does. He is the type of attorney that will sacrifice his percentage just to make sure your physically able to return to work. He also has the friend appearance not just business. He is very thorough. And he explains every step.

Worker's Comp
Arthur was on the same page as me. He worked hard to get me what I deserved. Very understanding of my circumstances and how crucial it was to get a well deserved settlement check in a timely manner. Arthur worked for me and regularly kept me updated about my case. When you have a lawsuit going on you wake up every morning thinking about it. Arthur knew this and made...

Problem Solved
I was in a situation where I couldn't quite decide what to do, in my case a head injury. I contacted his law firm and he immediately assured me that he would help me get my problem solved. Mr. Snead made sure that he kept me up to date on everything. If their was a moment where I didn't understand the process, he would take his time to thoroughly explain it as many times as I needed. I am thankful that I met him.

Pure Awesomeness
Overall great firm and an awesome lawyer. Took care of all my needs and communication was top notch.

Highly Recommended
I was involved in a four-car accident that wasn't my fault and I am a single mother of two kids. I was working two jobs regularly and one job just PRN. This accident was over a year ago and because I was working at the time of the accident, it was considered workman's comp. I am very nervous when it comes to getting a lawyer but thank the good lord above I was introduced to Arthur Snead. He helped me every step of the way even when I had lost all hope. Arthur was awesome about answering his phone and if he couldn't I could text him and either way I got a response. If you are looking for a GREAT attorney, one who will bust his ass for you, one who listens, one who will have YOUR best interest at heart (which I may add is really hard to find these days) and one who will be honest, gives you ALL of your options, VERY professional. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND ARTHUR SNEAD!